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Phoenix, Tucson, Videographer, Photographer, Video Production Oscar Rivera Cine Agency

Oscar D. Rivera

I’m a cinematographer, photographer, and creative ally with 18 years of production experience, having photographed 10 feature films, 32 shorts, and over 360 commercials. I also contributed to James Cameron’s Avatar 2, 3 & 4 as a reference camera operator for the motion capture process.

Migrating from Mexico to the US at the age of 14 helped widen my perspective beyond nationalism and culture. I identify as a global citizen, an advocate of gender and racial equality, and a lifelong student of light, storytelling, and the human spirit. I’m passionate about collaboration, innovation, and capturing the nuances of human emotion.

I continue to create more value for my clients by developing my craft and other complimentary skills like storyboarding and color grading. My work is patroned by regional, national, and international brands and it’s elevated by my desire to move humanity forward.

Light & Soul   -   Phoenix. Tucson. LA.

Phone: (520) 449-5064
Email: odrivera07@gmail.com